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*** 2011 ***


This is only a partial list!†† I will trade or pay top prices for fine early views.Quality, not quantity!


EARLY ENGLISH 'COMIC' OR 'GROUPS' by unusual photographers. I am working on a book, if you have interesting unknown views I will be glad to provide identification, just send photocopies (front & back). (Mark) Anthony; Bolongaro; Boning; M. Burr; CE Clifford; J. Eastlake; Edinburgh Stereographic Co.; Edmondson; Elliott; "G et W"; "GR"; Gebhardt, Rottmann & Co.; Goodman; William Grundy; "H.H.S."; Alfred Holmes, CJ Hughes; "JR] [D"; F. Jones; M. Laroche; London Stereoscopic Co.; WH Mason; Edouard (Edward) Nickels; "P&S"; Phiz; Poulton; Lake Price; J Reynolds; James Robinson; Sedgfield; Sharp & Beard; A. Silvester; Stanton; TOBY; Truefitt Bros. (absolutely anything!); US producers; TRW; TR Williams.


GEOGRAPHIC AREAS: Anywhere exotic, remote, romantic, or unusual.Condition, visual interest and date are all important, although less so for very unusual views.Africa, Arctic, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Chatham Island, China, Copan, Cuba, Denmark, Far East, Hawaii, India, islands, Japan, Latin America, Mexico (no Kilburn), Middle East, Near East, New Zealand, Northern Europe, Orient, Pacific, Polynesia, Russia, South America, Scandinavia, South Seas.Any Hastings or Brighton England.


PHOTOGRAPHERS:Visually interesting or well composed views in near new condition.Bedford, Bergheim, Boning, CE Clifford, Delamotte, DX, Fenton, Ferrier, Frith, Furne Fils et H. Tournier, Good, William Grundy, Henneman & Co, CJ Hughes, Jouvin, Lallemand & Hart, K. Knudsen (Bergen), WH Mason, John Moran (USA), Moran & Story (USA), Rufus Morgan (USA), Ogle & Edge, OE, Lake Price, Sedgfield (esp. nice agricultural etc.), TRW, TR Williams, Wilson (exceptional subjects such as Stonehenge & genre).Any photographer's name signed in the negative.


SERIES: Agricultural Series, Alphabet des costumes, Black mount London Stereo. Co., Chansons Beranger, Chapman Expedition, Chatham Island, Epreuve a mouvement, Etudes artistiques, Expedition au Pole Nord, Fables de la Fontaine, French views with ornate silver border on blue or green mounts, Les Fleurs animee, London Stereo. Co. 3000-3100+(?) Series, Marine (Reise SMS Herta ... Verlag Von Gustav Liersch & Co., Berlin), Miseries of Human Life, Moabite Expedition, New Rush, Noropol Expedition, Picturesque Ramblings in Old England, Photographie Internationale: Galerie Universelle des Peuples =Volkstrachten Aller Voelker = Costumes of the XIX Century; The Potter's Art; War Office Ordance Survey of the Sinai, Our Indian Empire, Sujets D'Orient, Ruins of Copan; Rustic, Love and Wedding Groups, Rustic Studies in Old England, Scenes in Our Village, Six Months Tour in the Tropics, Souvenirs de Cherbourg, Stereographs of London Street Characters, Stereoscopic Illustrations of Horse Taming, Stereoscopic views in Zululand, "PATENT TALBOTYPE OR SUN PICTURES," Transit of Venus Expedition, Views in Abyssinia, Voyage De M. Iagor, Voyage en Bretagne.


SUBJECTS: Alleys, armor, balloons, beauties, beautiful photography of all sorts, bohemians, Carnac (& similar), comics (unusual maker or subject), costumes, cottage, crowds, Robinson Crusoe, disasters, very early (1852-58), expedition, factory, famous people, fords & country ferrys (including US), Franco-Prussian War, genre (good views of common or poor people, their cottages, homes, lives, etc., also fine studio studies), Great Eastern, gypsy, harbors, harem scenes, historical events, human interest, industry, instantaneous, Leviathan, locomotive, London Zoo (no fading!), machinery, markets, military, mining, native costumes (including studio studies), native people, nudes (fine early only), occupations, Paris Commune, peasants, people, people, people, prehistoric ruins, revolution, Schleswig-Holstein (military subjects), scientific, ships, Stonehenge (& similar), still life (fine only, esp. with fish & game), street, Suez Canal inauguration & construction, unusual, wars.


UNUSUAL AMERICANA (1850's-80's): Auction, baptisms, bears, blacks (close, interesting, excellent), camping, canal, cat, characters (colorful locals), cigar store figures, circus, clam bake, cooks, Philip Coombs photos, country Americana, covered wagon, "Danger Ahead", eastern gold & silver rush, eastern US Indians, election bet payoff ("Paying Wager"), electrical cure, Elephant Rock, Emperor Norton, Fenian Raid (TG Richardson; St. Albans, VT), ferry (no Ft. Snelling or NYC), figureheads, fish market, geezers, genre, guides, gypsy, Fourth of July "horribles" etc., hangings, harvesting (ice, hops, etc.), hermit, hoaxes, hop picking, "Horribles", horse race, hospital interior, Hurst's Natural History (Second Series only! strange political stuffed animals), ice cutting, ice fishing, labor, loggers, lynching, man pushing man in wheelbarrow or pulling man in cart or sled, maple sugaring, C. Meinerth photos, men at work, John Moran photos, Moran & Story photos, mob, Rufus Morgan photos, NYC poor & slum sections, old mill, oldest house, oldest living person, "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe", organ grinder, picnic, political rally, pool hall interior, "Raftman's Life" (HH Bennett), register rock, rock drawing or inscription, rural Americana, rural occupations, saloon interior, school, scientific, sea captain, seashore activity, shack, Shaker (people only), shipwreck, shoe shine, slum, sod house, street attraction, street show, street vendor, still life (beautiful only), summit house, super views, temperance movement, ticket booth, toll gate, toll house, wagon train, water cure, old well or pump, wine, women photographers (any examples).